Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Burnett, Rizzo and Royster make three

Mike Ekey/The Northeast News

Community activist Will Royster has firmly planted his foot into the seat of the political status quo in Northeast.

Less than a week after announcing he wanted to challenge State Rep John Burnett to his own seat, Royster then opened his house to Democratic big-wig Jay Nixon, who is making his own run for Missouri Governor.

But what caught this knee-high Newshoud's eye was when Burnett and Royster — supposedly political rivals — standing on the stairs together and introducing Nixon at a Northeast fundraiser.

The only thing missing from this Gubernatorial Group Hug for Democrats was John "JJ" Rizzo, who is also challenging Burnett for his Missouri House seat — again.

But things are bound to change in these politically savvy neighborhoods.

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