Thursday, March 20, 2008

Old Northeast Inc. city funding looks bleak

In a tense and emotional budget meeting on Thursday, council members approved funding for several non-profit organizations and projects thoughout the city.

But, once again, it appears that Old Northeast Inc will go without city funding for another year.

Council members argued that they needed to reconsider the number of organizations that were going to get funding this year, but opted instead to approve the already suggested list that has been circulating city hall.

Councilman Terry Riley was even shouted down by others when he attempted to amend the portion of the budget to include several organizations that he said needed the funding or would be forced to close. But even his list did not include ONE.

In fact, no one on the council seemed to acknowledge that Old Northeast is facing a financial crisis and could end up shutting its doors for good if the city does not intervene.

For more on this, check The Northeast News this Wednesday's