Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This lil news-hound just received a "press release" from the Aim4Peace rent-a-mob folks that they'll be holding a press conference this afternoon to support the ongoing city (read TAXPAYER) funding of their protest mentality, scare tactics.
Now we're not sure whether it was a Freudian slip or what, but here's a direct quote from their press release.

" take a few minutes, come out & support this inactive to keep the movement alive.

Inactive. That'd be the perfect verb to describe what these sign totin, rented "volunteers" are. "Inactive". Course, when your gravy train is fixin to get derailed, and your very existance is threatened, ya gotta pull out all the stops. Get them buses rollin, get them signs painted, make sure the bull-horn is all charged up - we be fixin to make some noise!!!
Meanwhile - the rest of us with real jobs, who aren't dependent on the taxpayer's doll to pay our freight have better things to do than scream in to bullhorns in front of the TV cameras - especially during business hours.
And when the TV cameras disappear - so will the mobs, the buses, the signs. Its all about The Show with these types. Form over substance.
And for you folks who live in rural areas of incorporated Kansas City, you too have the unique privilege of funding these rented goons too! This despite the fact they won't come to YOUR suburban cul de sac anytime soon - trust me! It ain't about the burbs with these folks.

The best thing the city council can do with this bunch is send em packin, deny their funding, so they'll get real jobs and start paying taxes instead of livin off em.

This lil pooch has a simple solution to the crime problem. CCW.
Hasn't failed yet!