Wednesday, April 30, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Police arrest two for drug dealing at Capri Motel

Officers from the Kansas City Street Narcotic Unit and SWAT arrested two today for dealing drugs out of the Capri Motel.

Around 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, officers served a search warrent on the thrid floor motel room near the corner of Paseo Boulevard and Independence Avenue.

Sgt. Chip Huth, who lead the raid, said police had been watching the two for some time before they served the warrant today. The two had been living in the motel room and using it as a base for their dealing.

Huth said police have had some problems with drug dealing out of the motel in the past. Managers, who watched the arrest would not comment.

Police did not release the names of the man and the woman who were arrested.

It was News to us

In an effort to "spruce up" the eighth floor, where the city hall cafeteria used to be, city employees last Thursday got rid of all the wire newspaper racks that were neatly lined against the west wall and replaced them with a new, city-owned wooden rack that will now "serve" all newspapers that are delivered to City Hall.

Now, unless you work at City Hall, this has little impact on your life. But what struck our us was how they did it without contacting any of the newspapers that own the racks on the eighth floor. Nobody at any of the news organizations we contacted was told anything of the switch. It was not until today that we even found out about the switch when we delivered this week's hard copy edition to City Hall — or the fact that every one of last week's papers were pitched in the trash to make room.

The city has tried to convince newspapers to go along with its plans to build large uniform newspaper dispensers all over town in the past with little success. That effort by the Barnes administration was the driving force for area newspapers to form the Newsrack Ordinance Committee, a committee of newspaper Publishers and Circulation Managers that would essentially police our own racks instead of cow-towing to the whims of a city government run amok, trying to get campaign dollars from big property management companies downtown! Ahem.

Looks like they are looking for those sneaky little victories where they can get them.