Wednesday, April 16, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: School Board delays meeting due in part to Kelly investigation

The Kansas School School District announced today it has delayed a meeting where School Board members were expected to elect a new board president and other officers.

Sources with district say that meeting, which was scheduled for tonight, was delayed due in part to an ongoing investigation into Northeast Board member Duane Kelly. Officials are looking into whether Kelly actually lives in the district that he was elected to represent.

In a press release sent this afternoon, district officials said the meeting was being delayed until next week because of the "unavailability of two newly elected board members illness and/or for reasons beyond their control."

Kelly, after a major school district shift last fall, technically lived in the Independence School District and had not relocated to a new home in his new, smaller district.

Kelly said he had rented an apartment in the 200-block of North Indiana in the Scarritt Renaissance neighborhood, but neighbors said they never see him there. one resident even contacted the district's attorney to file a complaint.

The meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, April 23 in the Auditorium at the Board of Education Building, 12ll McGee St.

For more on this check The Northeast News on Wednesday.

Northeast Catholics to see Pope in New York

Several Northeast residents and staff with Holy Cross Catholic School will be part of a delegation heading to New York City this weekend to see the Pope give his first Mass in Yankees Stadium.

Holy Cross Principal Jean Ferrara said Wednesday that she and a dozen others selected from Northeast are going to be part of a 75-person delegation from around the Meto and St. Joseph area.

"We are not going to get to really meet him, but we will get to see him wave as he passes in the Pope-mobile," Ferrara said. "We are still very excited and honored to be picked to go."

Catholics from all over the United States are flocking to New York this week at Pope Benedict XVI makes his first visit to the country since being named leader of the Catholic Church. Today the Pope is visiting with the nation's leaders in Washington, D.C., and will head to New York this weekend where he will give Mass.

The Pope will then give a speech before the United Nations before embarking on a tour around New York's Catholic Churches.