Tuesday, July 29, 2008

City, employee union reach a deal

The Kansas City and AFSCME Local 500 labor union officials announced today they have reached what they are calling a "tentative settlement" for the next three-years.
The agreement, which outlines how the city will compensate 1,800 of the city’s general laboring, trades, clerical and skilled trades employees, came after months of negotiations and haggling by both sides.
The deal still needs final approval by union members and the City Council.
Negotiations began in May 2007 and reached a breakthrough recently when the parties agreed on a $1,200 cash reward for most senior employees who are not entitled to a base pay increase.
Additionally, the new agreement includes:
- An additional vacation day for employees with more than 20 years of continuous service
- An additional floating holiday
- A pay increase for most employees on a sliding scale basis.