Thursday, September 4, 2008

Newhouse Shelter finds funding

With dwindling donations and increasing costs, the Newhouse battered women's shelter said last week that it might have to close its doors. But an anonymous donor has stepped forward and has offered to keep the shelter open.

From a press release at Don Bosco:

When financial troubles threatened to close the doors of Newhouse, a battered women’s shelter serving the Kansas City area, the organization looked to The Don Bosco Centers for a possible merger that would enable the organization’s services to continue. However, according to Newhouse Board President Jim Feller, a donor who wishes to remain anonymous has come forward to assist Newhouse in remaining independent and operational. With improved financial viability, merger talks between Newhouse and The Don Bosco Centers have ceased.

“Don Bosco is committed to providing a full compliment of services to the Northeast community and the metro area,” said Don Bosco Board Chair Dan Cranshaw. “We did what we had to do to ensure that Newhouse’s critical services and programs would continue. We are thrilled that Newhouse will be able to move forward on its own.”

The two organizations will continue to work together through referrals and program partnerships to ensure clients and participants have access to the greatest number of community resources as possible.