Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kemper Arena Staff Sent Packing

In something you didn't see in the daily rag, (The Falling Star) on Monday, December 1st, the administration staff at Kemper Arena was quietly let go. Two employees remain and will work out of...the Sprint Center.

Thanks to the rosy picture painted by former Mayor Kay Barnes, if we built a taj mahal arena at taxpayer expense, professional teams would literally beat a path to our door. (Ahem) The reasoning was of course completley political. (Remember those anti-Sam Graves ads she ran back in October?) She had a nest to feather and a Congressional seat to steal.

Fact: Kansas City will never again have a professional NBA or NHL franchise. We've proved that with the Scouts (NHL) and the Kings. (NBA) Now, with two vacant arenas, neither with an anchor tenant in place, Kansas City will be nothing more than a bargaining chip for other cities, with big arenas and anchor pro-team tenants to negotiate a batter gig in their existing cities.

Can you say red-headed step-child?

Oh, did we mention that you, the Kansas City taxpayer is payin for this? Maybe we can go ask some of those fat-cat developers for a bail out.