Friday, May 29, 2009

Tractor Parades now Legal in Missouri - THANK GAWD!!!

Hallelujah and saints be praised - tractor parades are now legal in the state of Missouri. Newly elected Governor Jay Nixon this afternoon stood out on the south lawn of the Missouri Capitol next to a 1951 John Deere (made in Waterloo Iowa mind you and owned by a Tipton MO man)and heralded the grand news that - yes indeed folks, tractors can now be driven on Missouri roadways for fundriasing purposes. But only during daylight hours though.

THANK YOU GOD!! Well, and Governor Nixon too. I've got an old Farmall I've been itchin to take to the bowling alley and this is the legislation I've ben waiting for! WOOOHOOO!!!!!
Only God knows how many high-speed tractor chases the Highway Patrol has been involved in over the years. These rogue tractor drivers, I tell ya. My guess is its well in to the...

Wonder if this will spark a new craze of putting neon and ground effects and resinator mufflers on the old Massey-Fergeson!

The bill's passing comes just in the nick of time for the upcoming tractor parade up St. Joe way on June 27th to raise money for MDA or MS or another acronym'd malady.

No word on if DOT helmets will be required of now legal tractor drivers or if tractor drivers just need the standard DeKalb Seed ball-cap to be in compliance.