Monday, February 2, 2009

Westside Victims not Cooperating...Call Aim4Peace - Quick!!

We need a movement. No, strike that, we need a march and we need it now!
Someone get those morons from Aim4Peace on the phone so we can get some accountability from this neighborhood - STAT!!!
Based on a story covered on KC Crime Scene, the daily rag's crime site, victims of the shootings that took place at the Agguire Center Friday night aren't cooperating with Police. Police investigators are stonewalled at this stage of the game.

Quick - someone cue the Underdog theme music.

I'm sure the Aim4Idiots could come in and really lend a hand here. After all, this is what they specialize in isn't it? They could picket the victims houses, that'd work. They ned to do something to justify that $1500/mo stipend from the city - time they step up and get right!

Vennie Gonzalez, who runs an Aim4Peace "church" out of his Independence home should be right over with his busload of rent-a-mob picket toting goons. THAT ought to break this thing wide open, huh!

Puhleeaze!!! Give me strength!!