Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We're all idiots - just ask Clinton Adams

"This community has not been effective in electing effective school board members".

So says Freedom Inc. sock-puppet Clinton Adams in an article published in today's daily rag.
Adams went on to advocate that, given that 2/3 of the district's enrollment is black - that mobs, er, groups such as the NAAACP, the Urban League and the Black United Front need to be part of the process.
In the immortal words of Popeye the Sailor man: "well blow me down".

This lil canine has long thought that the very broods advanced by Adams were a large part of the problem, not the solution, given their history of patronage, nepitism and advancement of issues that do nothing to help white urban kids - and that's taken liberties with the word "advancement".

Additionally, the very fact that Adams doesn't trust the public to elect compitent representatives does't go too far either. Especially since a majority of the black candidates running for the office are fronted by Freedom Inc. to begin with. Lets not forget this is the same bunch that incurred a hefty fine ($45,000) from the Federal Election Commission for failing to register as a political committee. the name James Tindall (convicted felon) ring a bell?

It should be no surprise that State representative Jonas Hughes has his fingers in the pie as well - especially given his ties to Freedom Inc. Hughes advocates the appointment of a board of "community leaders" seperate from the politics and free from the cronyism that has weighed the district down over the last five decades. The operative buzz words here are "community leaders".
Who's community?
Who does the appointing, and from what smoke filled Freedom Inc, Black United Front, Urban League back room will this alleged savior emerge?

Is it any wonder with these goons running the show for so long, we have what we have - or what's left of what we had. The Shawnee Mission District won't play ball with these morons. Independence won't. Blue Springs and Park Hill? HA! Get real!

And if you think these cronies are in it for the kids - you are sadly mistaken. This one is all about political favors, croneyism and contributions to the "right" candidates. If you don't agree, someone from Freedom Inc will be right over to take a look at those knee-caps you love so much.