Monday, February 23, 2009

Police Chief Launches New Blog

Kansas City Police Chief Jim Corwin today launched a new blog to, in his words:

"serve as a place where you can hear about our latest news, officers’ heroics, crime statistics and patterns, and my take on the issues of the day."

The blog's URL is:

While this seems like a neat idea, there's only one problem.
The obvious lack of a comments button, where citizens can leave comments and opinions about the above noted Chief's "take on issues of the day".

On numerous occasions in the inaugural post, the Chief notes that public feedback is important. It would certainly seem to this lil pooch, who about a year ago accused this Chief of dereliction of duty, that if public feedback and departmental transparency is so important, why isn't there a comments button where citizens can leave unfettered comments about the way the department is running - or not.

Leaving an email address for citizens to respond to is fine, but most folks I know will filter their own comments. A comments button is a much better way - at least on a blog, to get clear, honest opinions from citizens.

Besides - that's how blogs work! The comments are half the fun!