Thursday, March 27, 2008

The budget passes

There were plaudits, congratulations and well wishes as the City Council passed the budget for the next year.

But even with all the warm fuzzy's coming from the council and the mayor Thursday afternoon in the council chambers, Northeast residents are left with a budget that seems to leave them out in the cold. No big surprise there - we've been here before, right? 

In the city's 2008-09 budget, Old Northeast Inc. will receive no funding at all. Also, conspicuously absent from this budget are any new police officers. Community Action Network(CAN)  offices in the area will also not receive funding under the newly adopted budget.

Additionally, the new, much heralded landlord registration program will be slashed and looks as if it could be shelved. 

Councilman John Sharp attempted to allocate an additional $1.6 million to the police department to hire new officers, but fellow council members did not buy on to the last second amendment. Sharp was the only negative vote against the budget when it was finally presented for a final vote.

In a statement released by the Mayor's office after the council proceeding, the Mayor praised the council and the city manager for working together for the good of the citizens of the city. 

For more on the unfolding budget check The Northeast News on Wednesday.