Thursday, November 12, 2009

Northeast Slammed Again - Thanks KMBC

If you were going to do a story about the tragic death of a Blue Valley Northwest High School graduate that abused Heroin, you'd go to south Johnson County rigtht? If you were going to tell about how Heroin is becoming a growing problem in the suburbs, specifically south Johnson County KANSAS, you'd go to Johnson County Kansas, right? If you were going to liberally quote Deputies from the Johnson County Kansas Sheriffs Department aboiut the increasing presence of heroin in Johnson County KANSAS, you'd go to...c'mon kids, you know the'd go to Johnson County KANSAS, right?

Well on that, you'd be dead wrong, and this lil newspooch would like to take a bite out of Martin Augustine's ankle because of it. If not him, the producer who idiotically thought it'd be a good idea to send him here.

Channel 9's Martin Augustine, came right down to the corner of Independence & Chestnut, with Avenue Pawn as a backdrop Thursday night for his live hit, right in the heart of Northeast, to talk about a heroin problem in southwest Johnson County.


Because he wanted to kick a little sand in Northeast's face, just like everyone else does out there, because this is where prostitutes are, and drugs are readily available on the avenue, and its such a baaaaad area after all. Certainly this could be the story that gets him that emmy. (Its sweeps month after all)

Here's a link to his piece...if you're interested - not that we're interested in drivin up the hit count on their site.

Its all about image folks and some sap, idiot producer probably told him to head down to Northeast - that's a shitty area where durgs and whores are. Nobody down there cares.

News flash for Mr. Idiot producer and Mr. Augustine - people down here DO care and have been trying their hearts out for years trying to clean up the mess. Capice?
Maybe if we had a little more cooperation from the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office when it came to prosecuting criminals, we'd be in a little better shape right now.

So next time you wanna do a story on heroin in south Johnson County, why don't you head down there and broadcast from some cul de sac at 135th & plowed ground, where the problem your talkin about exists instead of comin to Northeast and kickin more sand in our face. Thanks for nothin. Grrrrrrrrr

Monday, November 9, 2009

Cleaver Doesn't Disappoint on "Health Care" Vote.

The right Reverend Emmanuel Cleaver (that'd be Congressman to you son) went right along with 218 of his fellow Lib-Dems and cast his vote with House Speaker Nancy Pelosio to further bankrupt our great nation by theoretically providing health care for all.
This bill wreaks and is nothing more than an unfunded mandate on small business already strapped by an over-reaching, Pelosi/Reid caused recession, to pony up even MORE money to pay for government mandated employee health care.
But wait -
Small businesses with a payroll of less than $500,000 are exempt.
Some quick math for you non-entrepeneurial types. $500-k is roughly 8.5 employees (at $50-k each) - plus bens. Ask your neighborhood micro-business owner(which is how businesses with less than 10 employees are classified by the gov-ment) how he'she's faring these days. Chances are not good! Now, add on mandatory health care to the ticket and you've got the recipe for a chapter 7 perfect storm. If you thought unemployment was bad in Q-1 of 2009, you ain't seen nothin yet.

For those of you in Missouri's 5th Congressional District, check out the latest at

Its the unofficial spot to stay current on everything you need to oust Hizz-Honor and elect some real leadership for this district, instead of another Obama/Pelosi Liberal who thinks he knows whats best for you.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

COMBAT Works? Ummm...not so much.

Thinking of voting yes on COMBAT? take a listen to this couple who bought a house in the Independence Plaza area during the summer of 2008, then, were summarily evicted from their property for allegedly breaking the being in their own house.
On the October 10th Every Woman show on KKFI radio. (90.1 FM)

This is still the United States isn't it?
Props to TKC for the great mock-up of the COMBAT logo.

Here's the URL - I can't get the link thingy to work.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Bye Bye Charity Car Wash - Sudsy Water Now Illegal

Say good-bye to the local charity car washes sponsored by everyone from high school cheerleaders to church groups raising money for summer camp trips. Looks like no more bikini bike washes either!

The federal government, namely the EPA is looking at clamping down on run off from people washing their cars in the street where run-off water drains to storm water drains and ultimately to rivers and streams.

A couple cities in the PNW (Pacific Northwest) are even re-writing laws on run off, Seattle Washington and Vancouver Oregon being two of them.

Here's the link to the story from the AP in this morning's daily rag.

So if I understand this right, North Korea can, pretty much without reproach, aim and fire warheads at us but God forbid you wash your freakn car in the street. Never mind that in this neighborhood, people do everything from oil and anti-freeze changes in the street, letting the offending sludge go down the storm drain.

So if your church group or if your kid's doing a Chess Club car wash as a fund raiser - better think twice, lest the car wash police find you and send you to a re-education camp. Yup - sounds about right for this administration

Monday, June 29, 2009

Cleaver Vote on Cap & Trade Launches Ouster Effort

Missouri's 5th District Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II stood with his Lib-Dem bretheren last Friday and voted to unduly hike the utility rates of his constituency by casting a "yes" vote for Cap and Trade. A constituency that includes some of the poorest areas of Kansas City.
Didn't matter, Cleaver lined up with the rest of the Pelosi soldiers in the House and voted to approve the "Cap and Trade" legislation that he didn't even take the time to read.
To that end, one area constituent has taken his passion for the representative republic in which we live to a new level, telling the honorable Congressman that, if he voted for Cap & Trade, Mr. constituent would start a blog to foster his ouster from his Congressional seat.
He did, and the blog has been launched.

This lil pooch knows a thing or two about politics and will be watching the ongoing effort with much interest.
The URL is:

Friday, June 26, 2009

I’m getting Married in the Mornin, Ding-Dong the Bells are Gonna Ring!

We all probably remember that song from the Lerner & Lowe musical My Fair Lady when the father goes out with his single buddies the night prior to his pending nuptials, celebrating the last rites of his life as a single man. Well, tonight is that night for Kansas City Missouri Police Chief Jim Corwin. No word on whether he’ll “pull out the stopper” and “have a whopper” (per the musical again) or who the designated driver will be given the complete lack of “professional courtesy” shown other KCPD officer(s) recently pinched for DUI.
One thing this lil pooch DOES know is that the chief is tyin the knot once again tomorrow (Saturday June 27th) at a super private ceremony at his home. The service will be followed by a reception and BBQ at the present Corwin home (the one he didn’t lose in the divorce) somewhere up north.
Note to potential wedding crashers and angry ex-spouses though – there will probably be enough police brass (present and retired) at this little party to kill a whale. Our sources indicate that the Chief is marrying the former Patty Ryan (Fialka) who, interestingly, divorced her husband in 2006. Corwin’s first wife Glenda filed for divorce very early in 2007 according to court records. That whole affair (ahem) was very quick and very quiet, being finalized in less than 50 days from the date of filing. The future Mrs. Corwin II is a 1974 graduate of Park Hill High School and is heir apparent to the Pizza Shoppe chain, launched in 1969 in Platte Woods MO by her parents.
An interesting side note – It sure looks to this lil pooch like the Chief has an affinity for Lake Waukomis girls, given both his first wife and his second wife spent their formative years there.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIverdogs - - Mighty MO Claims yet Another Victim

Tis a sad day in the big town for hot dog fans.

Kitchy new dive HotDog joint Riverdogs has officially closed their doors leaving frankfurter afficianados throughout the metro dogless!

The joint opened earlier this year in a tiny building near 1st & Troost in the Missouri River bottoms west of the Paseo Bridge. It was run by long-time Northeast guy and retired K.C. Firefighter John Bruno who served up some of the best Chicago and New York style hot dogs in the city. Lines at lunch often stretched across the street, mostly made up of downtown office workers who made the trip for great tasting fare including a giant pork tender and a pig snout sandwich.

This lil poooch ate there too and each time came away stuffed to the gills and highly satisfied. Bruno sold the restaurant recently however amid problems getting good help. The new owners apparently had the same issues because now there's a big "CLOSED" sign hanging over the ordering window.
Sad, sad sad.

Doing some quick labor math makes me wonder what the problem is getting good help at a place that is open 4 daylight hours a day (10a - 2p) weekdays only. Essentially what could be referred to as bankers hours. Additionally, with an 8-10 item menu that is 75% hotdogs, how tough can this be? I mean really!

Has the economy come that far that people won't work an 8-10 hour day to run their own business? I think that's a much sadder commentary than anything else!

Draw your own conclusions about why, but it certainly sounds to me like the new owners just didn't want to put the effort in to making a go if it despite a strong local following that seemed to be growing larger by the day with literally no paid advertising.
Another great Kansas City dive gone.