Sunday, March 22, 2009

...and the gods of journalism smiled down upon us...

Word on the street, or at least according to John Landsberg over at Bottom Line Communications is that Lewis Duiguid, mr. race baiting, racist ( yes, this lil pooch called him a racist) Star columnist Lewis Duiguid has lost his VP gig, his column (which actually went bye-bye in December) as well as a good percentage of his reportedly six-figure paycheck.
There are Gods in Journalism after all.
The unfortunate part of the deal is that he maintains his position on the Star’s Editorial Board that supposedly “shapes the Star’s view on issues”.
I feel like the kid in the film Animal House when the “Playboy Bunny” landed on his bed and he looks skyward and exclaims: “Thank you God”!
This crack-pot Duiguid is the one who equated anyone – ANYONE who, during last year’s presidential campaign, called the messiah Obama a Socialist was also, by default – a racist.

Duiguid’s new boss will be Miriam Pepper, Vice President of the Editorial Page.