Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Have Machete - Get Shot

Some people just don't learn from history, much less pay attention.

You may recall a few years back that Kansas City Missouri Police Officers shot and killed a machete weilding man in midtown. The man, allegedly was muttering all sorts of jibberish, standing in the middle of an intersection near Linwood & Main. When he acted in a threatening manner, cops dropped him like a hammer. End of story.

Fast forward to this lovely, unseasonably warm Tuesday morning (which should give you a hint of what summer might bring) near Maple & Independence Boulevards. Police were summoned to the scene of a disturbance where they found - you guessed it, a machete toting guy in the courtyard of an apartment complex there.

Police once again, shot the perpetrator, critically wounding Mr. junior ninja wanna-be.
People, take a lesson here - Cops don't like it when you carry weapons bigger than anything they've got in the car or on their person. Moreover - if you threaten them with it, plan on catching some lead in a vital organ.
Is this really that hard to understand?