Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Eleventh Ward Committee race heats up at city park and recreation board meeting - really?

It was a celebration that brought together two political adversaries for a brisk handshake and a chuckle-chocked conversation.

11th Ward Democratic Committee candidates Will Royster and John "JJ" Rizzo shared a brief moment in the lobby of the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department.

What could bring the offspring of two political dynasties together? Well, it was definitley not their shared vision for who should fill the Northeast's house seat. No, Rizzo was there to show his support for Royster's plan to make Cliff Drive car free on the weekends this summer.

The Parks board on Tuesday approved the plan, which Royster has been working on with parks staff since the fall.

Rizzo is currently running against incumbent John Burnett for a third time for Northeast's house seat. Royster dropped out of that race last month to focus on the committee race where he will also face Rizzo.

Before the meeting started Rizzo dropped in and sat near the back while Royster presented his plan. Afterward Rizzo sought out Royster and congratulated him and said that even he, an avid cyclist, looked forward to using Cliff Drive on the weekends.

The parks board unanimously approved the Cliff Drive plan. The Scenic byway is expected to be closed to vehicle traffic starting May 16.

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