Tuesday, February 3, 2009

River Market Brewery Closes

When it originally opened in 1995, RMB was a "must do" for the residents of the City Market area and surrounding neighborhoods. They put out a quality product, one that this news pup sampled on a variety of occasions. I've even got my old Mug Club mugs up in the cabinet for cryin out loud. The food was unique too, Spent Yeast Pretzels were a favorite with grainy brown mustard.
But when neon signs advertising such American rice brewed swill as Miller Lite and Bud Light started poppin up in the windows, this dog knew the party was all but over. Who in their right mind goes to a brew pub and orders Bud freakin Light??? Come on!

On February 1st, owners shuttered the brew-pub, pasting a sign on the front door indicating the place was closed indifintely. Calls to the pub were routed to voice mail where a friendly voice thanked us for our years of patronage.

We ceased dining there years ago due to slow service primarily. The beer was still tasty but an hour wait for a pastrami on rye ain't pleasurable dining ya know?

RIP RMB - we remember you for what you WERE - not what you became. Maybe those lovely ladies over at the Dead Canary Brewery in the West Bottoms can move in. We hear they've got some great stuff brewing in their copper kettles!