Friday, May 22, 2009

City Sponsored Rent A Mob Invades Northeast - AGAIN!


Your tax dollars at work! Aim 4 Peace, the city sponsored rent a mob will be invading Northeast agian this Saturday May 23rd for another love fest at St. John & Hardesty.
You may recall the last Aim4Peace mob that invaded that area with bused in protesters were greeted by business owners brandishing the family hand-gun to protect themselves from the "blessed peacemakers".

Armour up Indian Mound residents living near this location. Be prepared for throngs of losers invading your neighborhood, snarling traffic on St. John and Hardesty, peddling love beads, shoving daisies into gun barrels(remember that from the 60's) and offering free hotdogs to anyone gullable enough to buy their senseless "hug-a-thug" bile. The flyer we got also promised pony rides. Make of that what you will but we're lookin at it as just another source of manure.