Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yield to oncoming disasters: City even unsure why stops signs removed from Benton Circle

The Northeast News has been sniffing out the yield sign incident, but so far, no one wants to own up to making the changes.

The engineer supposedly responsible for removal and installation, has not answered his cell phone or return voice mails made by The Northeast News.

Even City Council members had no idea why the city switched from stop signs to yield signs at the busy Benton Circle intersection. Terri Wolfe, administrative assistant to Councilwoman Deb Hermann, said she had first heard about the new signage from residents who were upset.

She said she was investigating the situation, trying to find why the change was made and who is responsible for ordering the changes.

Mario Vasquez, project manager from CIMO, didn’t know anything about the change and said the elusive city engineers would know more. Vasquez is in charge of the reconstruction efforts that will soon begin at the Benton Circle.

This intersection is confusing as it is, let alone the stop signs being taken away. The changes are already causing problems, residents say, with near misses and close fender-benders as people try to navigate the circle. People are speeding through the intersection without slowing down or even looking.

— Kristi L. Dalberg

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jferg said...

Unfortunately, there have been a few budget cuts to the Benton Circle re-vamping ... but they had enough money left for two yield signs!