Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Suburban Weeklies Slay Major Daily - at least for now

Sources indicate that the daily rag (The Star) is going to the dogs pretty quickly.

John Landsberg over at Bottom Line Communications is reporting that the KCK, Northland (Platte County) and the eastern Jackson County bureaus for the paper will close soon.
No word on the number of impacted employees or when the bureaus will shut their doors.
Time was when the major daily built up its suburban offices specifically to drive the dominant weekly out of business.
So much for that, at least for now.
NPG (formerly Townsend) papers up north are still functioning on all cylinders although down a bit. The Examiner recently suspended printing of its Monday edition and last week indicated it would deliver morning editions only.
Publishing giant, or what's left of them, Gatehouse Media (who also owns The Examiner) ceased printing of the Kansas City Kansan late last year, but upstarts from Parkville have slid in with a new KCK weekly print product.

While some believe the print world is going to the dogs, this lil pooch thinks the time is ripe for local investor types with a nose for local news to pick up some good print products (The Examiner for starters) for pennies on the dollar.
Local news sells locally - in print or otherwise.

Given Gatehouse stock is trading in the 8-10 cent per share area, you could easily pick up The Examiner for, oh, the price of a 72 ElDorado!


Hyperblogal said...

You should pay your staff more so the poor thing could afford Lasik.

f-stop said...

Local news is small news. "Aim small, miss small."