Monday, March 16, 2009

Bloodletting Commences at Major Daily(s)

According to John Landsberg over at Bottom Line Communnications, some major players have been tapped by the grim reaper's bony hand this morning down at 1729 Grand. (The Star)
Today is Black Monday for the McClatchy owned Star as well as the Olathe Daily News.
As of 8:45 Monday evening, here's at least a partial list of who's getting the axe. So far, it reads like a who's-who of long-time, staffers and columnists.

Eric Palmer, Deputy Business Editor
DeAnn Smith, Investigative Reporter
Rick Alm, Gambling & Tourism Reporter
David Hayes, Technology/Internet Reporter
Malcolm Garcia, Reporter
Don Allmon, IT
Greg Peters, Photo Desk
Katie Middleton, Northland Editor
Jim Pedley, Motor Sports Writer
John Mark Eberhart, Books Editor
Ward Triplett, Wire Editor (credit Pitch)
Robert Folsom, Features Copy Editor
David Boyce, Sports Reporter
Mike Fitzgerald, Asst. Sports Editor
Stephen Winn- Deputy Editorial Page Editor
Trudy Hurley- Editorial Assistant
Kirk Weber- Night City Editor
Dennis Boone- Jackson County Editor
Russ Pulley- Independence Bureau Reporter
Bill Graham, Platte County Reporter/Columnist
Tom Dolphens, Asst. Mng. Editor
Terrel Harris, (Unknown)
Beth Jordan, Copy Editor
Georgann Norton, Copy Editor
Nick Poirier, (Unknown)
Kent Pulliam, Sports Reporter
Samantha Branson, Copy Editor

Robert Butler, Movie Critic
Mike Hendricks, Columnist
Steve Penn, Columnist
Carol Powers, Deputy Features Editor
Alice Thorson, Art Critic
Robert Trussell, Theater Critic
Donna Vestal, Business Editor

Originally reported this morning by Bottom Line Communications was that the Olathe Daily News (taken over by McClatchy a few years back) would cease to publish a print product and fold their staff in to the neighborhood news section. However, updated reports indicate that it will now take the place of the Olathe Neighborhood News and will retain Olathe News-only subscribers and be inserted into the Star, taking the place of the Olathe Neighborhood News.
BLC quotes a source close to the carnage as saying: "The Olathe News will be redesigned into a tabloid, but remain independent in look and voice," says the source. "All Olathe News employees--those who are left after layoffs tomorrow---will become Star employees and work within its system to produce The Olathe News.

On the Pacific coast, sources at the Hearst owned Seattle Post Intelligencer announced today that their operation would cease publishing a print product with the March 17, 2009 edition. According to who broke the news, it is the largest Hearst owned daily paper to become a web only product.

We'd like to recognize John Landsberg of Bottom Line Communications who has been doing yeoman's work today closely following this sad and developing story. Its not fun watching the slow, painful demise of one of the oldest print news sources in the city and John is covering this professionally and objectively. We'd like to thank him for his work and credit him for our ability to post updated information for our readers.
This lil pooch sez WOOF! That's Bunny-speak for thanks!


Hyperblogal said...

The politicians are lovin' this.... fewer folks to keep an eye on them. The STAR has been cutting mostly really excellent writers... I guess the new, dumbed down, super nova remnant that will remain after the cuts doesn't need such craft.

Hyperblogal said...

P.S. Apparently the STAR doesn't have enough people now to cover its own layoffs.

Rhonda said...

I feel very bad for those peole that were let go. Ofcourse, nothing was in the star today aobut it at all. YOur website does a great service.

elBryan said...

I don't want anyone to be without a job, but I couldn't be happier to see DeeAnn Smith go.