Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Funkhouser, Police Fiddle while violence escalates

Rome's burning Mr. Mayor. Gang violence is escelating Mr. Corwin. Are you listening?
This lil pooch would dare say not.
The same day an arrest was made in the March 2009 shooting at a known gang hangout near Scarritt & Jackson, we are treated to more violence brought to you Kansas City's street gangs.
Police were called this evening to a location near 9th & Van Brunt, then chased a perp down near 16th & Cypress. Gang violence? Shots fired? My money's on "yes".
Payback for yesterday's murder of one Josh Sadler, 22 of Kansas City last night near 11th & Belmont?
Hard telling.
One thing is for sure. Neighborhood leaders in Northeast are fed up with the non-reaction from command staff at East Patrol.
On the same evening, neighbors in the 4000 block of Morrell were treated to what can only be defined as a training excercize in firearms training by the local street thugs. According to neighbors there, shots rang out "throughout the night".
One long-time neighbor's reaction: "I'm out of here".
Another vacant house.
Gangs - 1, Peaceful family residents - 0
Long time Sheffield and Indian Mound neighbors are under seige as well.
K.C. PD's response...
Still waiting. The emergency eviction on the criminals was filed how long ago?
Somehow, "I'll get back to you asap" just don't cut it when the lead starts to fly. Sleeping on a mattress on the floor so your out of harms way when the shots go astray seems to be the norm rather than the exception any more.
This lil pooch is stocking up on Kevlar and ammo.
And under this administration, you'd better stock up while you still can.


northeaster said...

Been in Northeast for 8+ years now, and currently trying to put together an escape plan - this is getting absurd. Between the incompetence of KCMSD and KCPD, KCMO (and Northeast moreso) are no longer places I want to be with kids that are going to be school age soon.

CityBluz said...


Hyperblogal said...

Because of current council priorities I'm waiting for the time when I call 911 and a baseball player shows up.

Anonymous said...

Watch Natsha Naked!

dahorton said...

This is why we started our church in the Northeast, to help the community take the area back and give it to the citizens.

Does anyone here come to the CAN meetings? I'll be happy to meet with you to see what we can do as a church to help patrol, clean up or anything else to help do our part to make the northeast a better place.

Cranky Puppy said...

I think we can sum up the city council's highest priority in two words: Get Funkhouser.

Other than that, they're busy pandering to special interest groups, giving city contracts to their buddies, and generally screwing up the lives of the city's citizens.