Thursday, November 12, 2009

Northeast Slammed Again - Thanks KMBC

If you were going to do a story about the tragic death of a Blue Valley Northwest High School graduate that abused Heroin, you'd go to south Johnson County rigtht? If you were going to tell about how Heroin is becoming a growing problem in the suburbs, specifically south Johnson County KANSAS, you'd go to Johnson County Kansas, right? If you were going to liberally quote Deputies from the Johnson County Kansas Sheriffs Department aboiut the increasing presence of heroin in Johnson County KANSAS, you'd go to...c'mon kids, you know the'd go to Johnson County KANSAS, right?

Well on that, you'd be dead wrong, and this lil newspooch would like to take a bite out of Martin Augustine's ankle because of it. If not him, the producer who idiotically thought it'd be a good idea to send him here.

Channel 9's Martin Augustine, came right down to the corner of Independence & Chestnut, with Avenue Pawn as a backdrop Thursday night for his live hit, right in the heart of Northeast, to talk about a heroin problem in southwest Johnson County.


Because he wanted to kick a little sand in Northeast's face, just like everyone else does out there, because this is where prostitutes are, and drugs are readily available on the avenue, and its such a baaaaad area after all. Certainly this could be the story that gets him that emmy. (Its sweeps month after all)

Here's a link to his piece...if you're interested - not that we're interested in drivin up the hit count on their site.

Its all about image folks and some sap, idiot producer probably told him to head down to Northeast - that's a shitty area where durgs and whores are. Nobody down there cares.

News flash for Mr. Idiot producer and Mr. Augustine - people down here DO care and have been trying their hearts out for years trying to clean up the mess. Capice?
Maybe if we had a little more cooperation from the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office when it came to prosecuting criminals, we'd be in a little better shape right now.

So next time you wanna do a story on heroin in south Johnson County, why don't you head down there and broadcast from some cul de sac at 135th & plowed ground, where the problem your talkin about exists instead of comin to Northeast and kickin more sand in our face. Thanks for nothin. Grrrrrrrrr


CityBluz said...

dang - so pissed off you left all your apostrophes in a drawer?

that said, YOU GO, WOMAN!!!

surprised every passing ho didn't just reach out and smack his smug face.

MissouriPicker said...

I grew-up in Old Northest, right on the southeast edge of it..on 8th st. between Chesnut and Gladstone. I spent countless hours as a boy roaming Independence Avenue. Like many others I knew and still remember Kendell Core. RIP. ....I find that the Old Northeast Area is a easy target for reporters looking for what they believe is a good backdrop for their story. The big houses in J.C done automatically scream-out "drugs and hookers for sale." But, the older buildings found in Northest fit what the reporter is trying to sell. This reporter could have gone literally anywhere in the KC area. Yet, Northest was chosen (again). I have a lot of very fond memories of the Old Northeast Area. I live in Independence now and we have more than enough drug problems of our own. It's all over the country. Thanks for the article, and thanks for the blog. I'm glad I found it.