Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Somebody was busy, Part II

We are no detective, but it does not take much to recognize when campaign signs have been swiped from the street.

Yesterday we reported that more than a dozen State Rep John Burnett signs had been placed illegally along Cherry and Independence Ave some time late Sunday night. Well, some time last night someone went through and took down most of them but left the wire frames firmly planted in the ground.

Hmm, how curious.

Several John Rizzo signs have even gone up in their place on the busy roadway between the River Market and Columbus Park.

But the sign battle does not stop there. Rizzo's camp was back up the Concourse Park this morning placing signs in the city park. Burnett was also busy — who now has signs in Budd Park. There were also rumors, posted and e-mailed to this Newshound, that both candidates were placing signs in the yards of empty homes around Northeast.

Seriously, gentlemen, this is just getting out of hand.

Let's just hope all of the politicians will be out tomorrow cleaning up those signs.

I mean, they all promised to help clean up Northeast, we just did not realize they were going to be the ones making the mess.

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