Tuesday, August 5, 2008

(Primary) Election Day!

Image from the KC Election Board

The signs are up, the mailers are done and the debate have long gone silent. All because today is both Republicans and Democrats will square off with each other in their primary elections across the state.

Election officials, both locally and statewide have predicted a low turn out — roughly 30 percent of all registered voters. Gov. Matt Blunt even issued a statement Monday asking voters to come out to the polls to avoid an embarrassingly low turn out in this election.

However, Northeast has never been one to follow trends.

Election workers at polls around the area say they have seen a large number of people hit the polls early with some ever reporting a few slow downs as people came out before heading to work.

For more information and updates throughout the day, check here as we will be bringing you the latest results as the ballots start coming in.

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