Monday, August 4, 2008

Somebody was busy

As the primary election inches closer (It's on Tuesday, folks), the politicians and campaign volunteers are getting in one last push over the weekend and today.

With a flurry of negative campaign pieces hitting mailboxes across Northeast this past weekend, State Rep. John Burnett's supporters also hit the streets of Columbus Park putting up more than a dozen campaign signs (by our count) along Cherry and Independence Avenue.

The ones found here this morning were at the corner of Fifth Street and Locust. The signs were placed overnight and are also in the public Right of Way — a big "No-No" according to the city.

Burnett's challenger, John Rizzo, lives in Columbus Park and for weeks has had signs placed in the back yards of several homes along Cherry. Rizzo supporters were recently slapped by The Northeast News when one volunteer was caught putting up signs at the Concourse.

But Burnett was not the only one with signs in the public spots along Independence — although he did have the most. This morning at around 6 a.m. we found a regular Who's-Who's of politicians with signs illegally placed along the roadways and in public property.

Including, but not limited to:
John Burnett - state rep.
Rachel Townsend - county prosecutor
Jim Kanatzar - county prosecutor
John Bullard - Sheriff
Mike Sharp - Sheriff
Freedom Inc. - PAC


jferg said...

Don't forget that apparently CVS and Mayfair Cleaners are now endorsing Rizzo. Or, at least, their are signs in their yards that magically appeared there over the weekend.

Taurus said...

Isn't the election tomorrow?

I have seen hundreds of signs up all over public right of ways all over the city.

pieceofcake said...

How bout all the Rizzo signs on the lawns of foreclosed homes, unoccupied lots, and even a dead man's residence that supported Burnett. That was pretty nerve wrenching for me to see. That was just disrespectful Rizzo!