Tuesday, August 5, 2008

St. Anthony polling place keeps busy

Reports are sketchy, but several sources have said that a fight broke out at the St. Anthony's polling place late in the day.

Sources say that an intoxicated male went to the polling place and was becoming argumentative with campaign workers there. Tensions got hot and poll workers had to call the police to have the man escorted away.

Dispatchers confirmed that police were sent to St. Anthony, but could not say if anyone had been arrested. Voters at St. Anthony, earlier in the day, had discovered that ballots sent there had been misprinted and nearly 60 voters did not get a chance to vote in the Sheriff and Prosecutor's races.

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Andrew said...

I was there and heard a man on "Team Rizzo" threatening John Burnett's life. I believe his words were, "He's dead! Even if he wins this thing today, he's dead tomorrow!"