Friday, December 19, 2008

In Train-Wreck Economy, Congress Gets a Raise.

In an article you definitely won't see in Kansas City's liberal daily rag, Congress will get a raise next year to the tune of $4700.

According to an article published in The Hill, members of Congress will get an extra $4700 tacked on to their salaries next year. All this in the face of their hypocratical grandstanding and demanding that Auto execs ride bicycles to work and oil execs should surrender profits, our ever so smart elected officials in Washington DC just got a hefty pay bump.

Ask your neighbor who just got laid off from Chrysler of GM what THEY could do with an extra $4700. Or maybe the lady next door who watches the neighborhood kids for $8.00 an hour how they feel about it.

This lil pooch knows that given all the perks Congress gets already, they need a raise like I need to be chased by a pit bull. Perkjs you ask?
Well lets start with free barbershop, free meals, travel per-diem, lodging per-diem, free health care (far superior to anything us lowly citizens would get) and more.

For the record, Average pay for a Congressman: $169,000. Leadership positions get spiffed a little more. Her Majesty Pelosi hauls in a little over $215,000. Senate leadership types make a little under$190,000. According tot he article in The Hill, in 1789, Congressional Representatives made $6.00 a day. That equates to roughly $75 a today by modern standards.

So much for the old premise of "citizen legislator", huh.
All together now.....Yes we can!!!
Hold on to your checkbooks!

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