Friday, December 19, 2008

Union Station to CEO Udris: Sayonara!

USKC Board members announced Thursday that CEO Andi Udris was essentially persona non grata and that former American Royal head wrangler George M.  Gaustello II was taking over the reins in 2009. 
Udris, as you may recall, came under fire from this lil news-pooch back in 2005-06 for some of the sweeping changes he undertook in the infancy of his reign as CEO. 

After spending a rain-soaked May afternoon with Andi and his PR gal Sara up at Shoal Creek, we came away with a whole new understanding of how hubs and spokes applied to Union Station as well as how to parse the word "at". 

Like him or not - he deserves a paw-bump for relocating the  local Fire History Museum to the Depot in 2007 and playing a pivotal role in the ongoing restoration and re-development of the Corinthian Hall facility here in good ol Historic Northeast.  

Given the pull quotes from the PR piece sent out this morning though, it sure looks to this nose for news pup that the whole thing was a "mutual decision" and that's all they're sayin about that. 

Gaustello: "Its an honor to be entrusted with the stewardship of these beloved regional treasures...". 

Udris: "I have enjoyed immensely my time working at Union Station..."

Time will tell however -  former Mayoral aide Joe Miller and former daily rag, chatter-box gossip monger Hearne Christopher (both with an emphasis on "former") are looking for work and this may have all the makings for a kiss & tell-all book. Stranger things have look at the fiasco that is the Mayor's office proves this pup's point! 

Be sure to check out next week's edition though for a more objective look at the transition taking place down at the big depot on Pershing Road. 



AllyOop said...

Congratulations to Union Station for what I hope is the start of a good house-cleaning! The old girl has appered to be suffering from a horrible "staff infection" recently, from the ticket office to the website to the event office, let's see some more disinfecting! It's too stately a building to be run by commoners.

AllyOop said...

Typos! I hate 'em. So sorry.