Friday, January 30, 2009

East Zone Warrant Sweeps Target Blue Valley Townhomes

Police blanketed the area near 23rd& Wheeling yesterday in a multi-agency warrant sweep in the Blue Valley Townhomes. Kansas City MO Police Officers teamed with officials from the Independence MO Police Department, The U.S. Marshall's Office and HUD on the sweep that netted over 45 arrests.
Can you say target rich environment?

Captain Jeff Emery of East Patrol noted: "with the cooperation of these other agencies, this was a huge success" referring to the 75% arrest to warrant ratio.

We can only hope that the Prosecutor's office will hold and charge these individuals instead of "ROR"ing (release on recognizance) them back in to the community to continue their pillaging and plundering.

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elBryan said...

This is the second story I've heard locally of widespread welfare abuse. Every experience I've encountered with people living off of the government, there is some sort of "cheating" going on one way or another.

Rather than spend money investigating and arresting these people, why not reform welfare even further, and require people who get free homes, apartments, vouchers, healthcare, and cash from the government to perform at least 20 hours of community service, or be enrolled in a public, technical, or trade school?