Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hypocrite millionaire McCaskill gives "Bony Wag" to Wall Street Millionaires.

And they called it puppy love
Never let it be said House Democrats aren't the least bit hypocritical. That said, imagine how some Wall Street tycoons felt when the fourteenth richest member of the United States Congress lectured them on, what else...their shameful behavior and bonuses.
Our guess is that its all smoke and mirrors in an attempt to keep her nose deeply buried in the president's hind quarters - someone who she ardently campaigned for over the last 12 months instead of doing her JOB representing the people of Missouri.

According to Bottom Line Communications, McCaskill's net worth grew substantially in 2007. McCaskill and her husband own a number of "affordable" housing developments. There's big money in po folks housing. (do as I say, not as I do) Can you say dependant class?

Looks like my grandmother was right. A matress is probably the safest place for this lil pooches money cuz it sure looks as if Claire and the rest of her brood are comin after it!
God forbid we should be on the business end of THAT girl's bony wag!


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