Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIverdogs - - Mighty MO Claims yet Another Victim

Tis a sad day in the big town for hot dog fans.

Kitchy new dive HotDog joint Riverdogs has officially closed their doors leaving frankfurter afficianados throughout the metro dogless!

The joint opened earlier this year in a tiny building near 1st & Troost in the Missouri River bottoms west of the Paseo Bridge. It was run by long-time Northeast guy and retired K.C. Firefighter John Bruno who served up some of the best Chicago and New York style hot dogs in the city. Lines at lunch often stretched across the street, mostly made up of downtown office workers who made the trip for great tasting fare including a giant pork tender and a pig snout sandwich.

This lil poooch ate there too and each time came away stuffed to the gills and highly satisfied. Bruno sold the restaurant recently however amid problems getting good help. The new owners apparently had the same issues because now there's a big "CLOSED" sign hanging over the ordering window.
Sad, sad sad.

Doing some quick labor math makes me wonder what the problem is getting good help at a place that is open 4 daylight hours a day (10a - 2p) weekdays only. Essentially what could be referred to as bankers hours. Additionally, with an 8-10 item menu that is 75% hotdogs, how tough can this be? I mean really!

Has the economy come that far that people won't work an 8-10 hour day to run their own business? I think that's a much sadder commentary than anything else!

Draw your own conclusions about why, but it certainly sounds to me like the new owners just didn't want to put the effort in to making a go if it despite a strong local following that seemed to be growing larger by the day with literally no paid advertising.
Another great Kansas City dive gone.


f-stop said...

WTF!?! Who buys a restaurant and closes it within two weeks? I loved that place!. Maybe the new owners also own a competing enterprise and wanted to shut it down. That's the only explanation that makes even a LITTLE sense.

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