Friday, June 26, 2009

I’m getting Married in the Mornin, Ding-Dong the Bells are Gonna Ring!

We all probably remember that song from the Lerner & Lowe musical My Fair Lady when the father goes out with his single buddies the night prior to his pending nuptials, celebrating the last rites of his life as a single man. Well, tonight is that night for Kansas City Missouri Police Chief Jim Corwin. No word on whether he’ll “pull out the stopper” and “have a whopper” (per the musical again) or who the designated driver will be given the complete lack of “professional courtesy” shown other KCPD officer(s) recently pinched for DUI.
One thing this lil pooch DOES know is that the chief is tyin the knot once again tomorrow (Saturday June 27th) at a super private ceremony at his home. The service will be followed by a reception and BBQ at the present Corwin home (the one he didn’t lose in the divorce) somewhere up north.
Note to potential wedding crashers and angry ex-spouses though – there will probably be enough police brass (present and retired) at this little party to kill a whale. Our sources indicate that the Chief is marrying the former Patty Ryan (Fialka) who, interestingly, divorced her husband in 2006. Corwin’s first wife Glenda filed for divorce very early in 2007 according to court records. That whole affair (ahem) was very quick and very quiet, being finalized in less than 50 days from the date of filing. The future Mrs. Corwin II is a 1974 graduate of Park Hill High School and is heir apparent to the Pizza Shoppe chain, launched in 1969 in Platte Woods MO by her parents.
An interesting side note – It sure looks to this lil pooch like the Chief has an affinity for Lake Waukomis girls, given both his first wife and his second wife spent their formative years there.

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