Friday, July 10, 2009

Bye Bye Charity Car Wash - Sudsy Water Now Illegal

Say good-bye to the local charity car washes sponsored by everyone from high school cheerleaders to church groups raising money for summer camp trips. Looks like no more bikini bike washes either!

The federal government, namely the EPA is looking at clamping down on run off from people washing their cars in the street where run-off water drains to storm water drains and ultimately to rivers and streams.

A couple cities in the PNW (Pacific Northwest) are even re-writing laws on run off, Seattle Washington and Vancouver Oregon being two of them.

Here's the link to the story from the AP in this morning's daily rag.

So if I understand this right, North Korea can, pretty much without reproach, aim and fire warheads at us but God forbid you wash your freakn car in the street. Never mind that in this neighborhood, people do everything from oil and anti-freeze changes in the street, letting the offending sludge go down the storm drain.

So if your church group or if your kid's doing a Chess Club car wash as a fund raiser - better think twice, lest the car wash police find you and send you to a re-education camp. Yup - sounds about right for this administration