Monday, June 29, 2009

Cleaver Vote on Cap & Trade Launches Ouster Effort

Missouri's 5th District Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II stood with his Lib-Dem bretheren last Friday and voted to unduly hike the utility rates of his constituency by casting a "yes" vote for Cap and Trade. A constituency that includes some of the poorest areas of Kansas City.
Didn't matter, Cleaver lined up with the rest of the Pelosi soldiers in the House and voted to approve the "Cap and Trade" legislation that he didn't even take the time to read.
To that end, one area constituent has taken his passion for the representative republic in which we live to a new level, telling the honorable Congressman that, if he voted for Cap & Trade, Mr. constituent would start a blog to foster his ouster from his Congressional seat.
He did, and the blog has been launched.

This lil pooch knows a thing or two about politics and will be watching the ongoing effort with much interest.
The URL is:

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elBryan said...

Don't forget that Cleaver just recently earmarked stimulus money for residents of 64130 to make their homes more energy efficient.

He is more committed to rehabilitating the polar ice caps than the neighborhoods in his own district.